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Post Prom Party Ideas

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Party on, dudes and dudettes!

Once the party machine stops at the prom, you can bet that everyone is still wired up and ready to keep on partying.  Hopefully, someone will have come up with some post prom party ideas so that it continues on somewhere else.  One of the coolest ideas is to head off to a comedy club afterwards.  Obviously it has to be one that takes under-age girls and guys and it’s always best to make a booking to make sure everyone gets in.  It’s no use coming up with totally cool post prom party ideas if once you get there, no one’s able to enter.

Most often, prom goers will wind up at someone’s house where some kind and generous parents have set up tables of food and drinks and the music is nice and loud, at least for a couple of hours.  One of the best things parents can do is make arrangements that enable everyone to have fun, hopefully without the need for alcohol.  A limbo contest, karaoke, a swim, DVD’s, even sitting around telling jokes or having an open mic contest can all be great fun.  It’s even better if the host parents have a tennis court, pool table, games room or pinball machines.

Play it safe and incorporate travel and sleeping arrangements into your post prom party ideas.  No one wants a tragedy of any kind so a sleepover or all nighter is an excellent idea.  Everyone brings a sleeping bag if they want to sleep, or just nods off where they sit.  That’s much better than trying to find their way home in the middle of the night.  Otherwise, arrange for a couple of parents to do the ferrying in their cars or mini-vans.

Often, a bunch of students will organize a hotel room to hold their post prom party.  You’ll need to be upfront with the hotel staff and also be on good behavior as paying for damages caused can be a big expense.  Hopefully a parent will be on hand to supervise so that nothing spirals out of control.

Some restaurants in your town, knowing it’s prom season, may jump on the bandwagon and offer to host post prom parties.  It’s a great idea because not only do they make money at a time when they’d normally be closed, but it means parents don’t have the usual issues to worry about such as gate crashers, alcohol, rowdy students and the mess to clean up.  Book well in advance because there are likely to be lots of students looking to make reservations once they find out a restaurant is prepared to stay open after hours.

For seaside communities, post prom party ideas for the beach are very popular.  Often, you can talk a community group into holding an event and putting up night lighting and playing music.  Beach volleyball, bonfires and salsa dance contests are great ways to pass a few hours.  Radio stations love to get in on this kind of activity or if you have a youth organization in your area, try suggesting the idea to them.

Breakfast the day after the prom is a good choice for students who love a party but know when to call it a night.  A morning post prom party gives everyone a chance to recoup and rest for a few hours, then gather to talk over muffins and eggs about the prom and who wore what, who got with whom and how great the theme was.

The prime focus for a post prom party should be safety.  Remember, you’re still young and you really are not invincible.  Give yourself time to relax and enjoy your youth; there’ll be many more years when you can indulge in alcohol and other adult pursuits.  Be safe, have fun and you’ll always have wonderful memories.

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