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Hugely Memorable Prom Themes

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A circus, Mardi Gras, a Magic Garden and Bollywood

Every year, the same old prom themes are usually trotted out and regurgitated.  Hollywood on the Red Carpet, Black and White, 1950′s, 1980′s, Swingin’ 60′s and so on.  Don’t you crave something different; something totally original and with an emphasis on fun?  All you have to do is ask around the school, perhaps even conduct a survey and find out who has what interests in the student body and you’ll get plenty of ideas.  Prom themes should be popular with the majority of students, not just the reigning minorities.  A survey will be very useful and if you like, you can even put a list of options for people to choose from, plus leave space for new ideas.

A circus prom theme seems so obvious yet not many schools take it up.  It’s incredibly fun and lively and it guarantees most people will get into the spirit.  Everybody loves clowns, jugglers, fire eaters and performing animals.  You can outfit the venue to look like the Big Top, complete with center pole, striped draping on the ceilings and the dance floor can be the ring.  Have cotton candy in abundance for the ultimate sweet fix after dinner.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to arrange for a show featuring adorable chimpanzees, a couple of clowns and a magic act? 

Jazz up your prom theme with the essence of Mardi Gras.  Hand around lots of purple, green and gold strings of beads, serve plenty of iced tea, sparkling cider, jambalaya and gumbo.  Truly kick up your heels to the sounds of an authentic New Orleans jazz ensemble and hire a couple of really cool street performers to wander around the tables during dinner and provide ongoing entertainment so the party doesn’t stop.

Ever thought of an outdoor prom?  Put “Magic Garden” on your list of prom themes and you’ll find the idea of living it up outdoors will appeal to lots of people.  The only possible thing that could overshadow it is the weather so have a science teacher help you to determine the best date for the evening.  A Magic Garden theme entails lots of beautiful white lattice screens placed strategically around the site with ivy – real or fake – threaded through for greenery.  A dance floor can be hired so everyone can kick up their heels.  Choose a menu that goes well as an al fresco option.  Decorate the tables with fresh white cotton cloths, deck out the chairs with covers and have lots of fresh flowers and candles as centerpieces.

For real party atmosphere, you can’t go past a Bollywood Festival as a prom theme.  Indian music is so uptempo and happy and is readily available for purchase online.  An Indian feast will have everyone’s mouths watering and you can even hire a Bollywood dance troupe to put on an amazing display of incredible moves, full of color and life.  Decorate with an abundance of saris as ceiling drapery and add plenty of glitter wherever you can.  Play Bollywood films on a large TV screen so everyone gets into the spirit.

Everyone wants a memorable prom to celebrate their school years.  Prom themes should be well planned and executed for maximum fun and so that you all talk about the event for years to come.  Don’t forget to take lots of photos and even video of your prom!

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