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How to Ask a Guy to the Prom

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How to Ask a Guy to the Prom

It’s the New Millennium, get with the times

Don’t stress, it’s just the prom!  Yeah right!  You’ve had your eye on this guy since you first saw him and you earmarked him months ago as a prom date.  Maybe you’ve been out a couple of times, maybe he seems to be more interested in someone else.  Still, if you want to ask the guy to the prom, you might have to be creative to get that edge over other girls.  Or, you just need some advice on how to ask him.  You could just walk up to him and say: “Hey, great shirt you have on today.  Would you be interested in going to the prom as my date?”  Sure, it sounds so easy but in reality, most people understand how difficult it is to ask such a question and will make allowances for your nervousness.  Otherwise, try one of these clever ideas.

Short of hiring a light plane to perform skywriting duties for you, there are other public ways of doing the deed.  If you want to ask a guy to the prom and you’re pretty sure he’ll be thrilled you did, why not call up his favorite radio station and ask for a song dedication?  The DJ can introduce the song by saying: “This song is for (his name) from (your name) who would like to ask (his name) to be her date for the prom.”  How can he resist?

Write up an advertisement for publication in the school newspaper.  Make it look like a personals ad, complete with age, interests and location, but make sure it’ll be obvious to him that he’s the target in mind!  You don’t want to have a dozen other guys answering the ad thinking you’re asking them to the prom!

See if you can get your local pizza store to make a special pizza with “BE MY PROM DATE” spelled out in pepperoni!  Imagine his extreme surprise when the delivery guy appears on his doorstep with a customized pizza that he didn’t order.  Not only do you get to ask the guy to the prom, but you work your way to his heart via his stomach!

A simple note in his locker is a tried and true way to ask a guy to the prom.  Stand nearby so you can watch for his reaction once he opens his locker door and your invitation falls out.  You might like to perfume it with the fragrance you usually wear for added irresistibility.

Sometimes guys are clueless when it comes to asking girls to the prom.  They often leave things to the last minute, or have other things on their mind.  If you leave it up to them, you could wind up dateless and you know you’d prefer to go along on a cute guy’s arm.  So gather up the courage and do the asking yourself … before another pretty girl does!  Just as the early bird catches the worm, the courageous girl catches the prom date.

Don’t shy away from asking a guy to the prom just because you think he may say no.  Guys are equally as flattered to be asked as girls are, sometimes even more so because they know it’s not the norm for a girl to ask.  If he says no, there’s no harm done.  There are plenty more fish in the student body!

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